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Roulette Strategy

Want to risk relatively little money with a chance to cash in big? Try a roulette strategy that could pay off nicely at both, online and land based casinos:

This method calls for straight-up inside bets where you get paid 35 to 1 if one of the numbers you bet on is rolled. Unless you can afford to splurge, I suggest you select a casino offering $1 chips and $5 minimum inside bets. (Most internet casinos qualify.)

Risk no more than 40 $1 chips. By limiting yourself to relatively small stakes, you’ll never get badly hurt. Pick any five numbers you like, birthdays and anniversaries or other favorite dates come to mind. If you hit twice in a row, the winnings are nothing to sneeze at!

Start by placing one $1 chip on each of your five chosen numbers. Repeat this same wager until you win; you have enough chips for eight spins. When one of your numbers hits, you’ll win 35 chips. Now it gets exciting!

Divide the 35 chips you’ve won over your five numbers, seven on each. If you hit again the pay-off will be 7 X 35 chips, which equals $245 real dollars!

At this point you have to make an agonizing decision. You could quit and cash out –- the profit will cover several past or future losing sessions – or you could bet-back 100 chips by placing 20 on each of your five numbers. If you hit a third time you’ll collect $700!

On the other hand, if Lady Luck deserted you, you’re still ahead by more than $100. Always remember that no betting system is infallible, that’s why I suggest you don’t risk more than $40.

Good Luck!

If you’re looking to win slow but steady (profiting $50 to $250 an hour), click here and check out Tony R. Frank's  Superior Roulette System

 Blackjack Strategy

Professional gambling writers tell us that blackjack is the one casino table game that can be beaten in the long run. Yet, blackjack is one of the casinos most consistent profit makers. This can only mean that the great majority of players aren’t winning as often as they’d like to.

Just like video poker players, most blackjack enthusiasts don’t bother memorizing all the correct plays. Plus, we humans are not computerized robots, we make mistakes. So, can an amateur win at blackjack? Yes! Here’s how:

Memorize these six most important basic strategy rules. (For quick and easy reference, keep a printout handy when you’re playing online):

  1. Stand if you hold hard 12 to 16 and the dealer shows 2 to 6
  2. Hit if you hold hard 12 to 16 and the dealer shows a 7 or higher
  3. Stand on 17 to 21, but hit soft 17
  4. Always split pairs of Aces and 8’s
  5. Never split 10’s, jacks, queens, kings, 5’s or 4’s
  6. Double down on 10 or 11 if dealer shows an 8 or lower

Guard against making mistakes. Errors can be costly. Keep your emotions in check and don’t play hunches. Stick to the above rules. Don’t buy insurance, casinos never offer anything that isn’t to their advantage.

Start by betting the table minimum. Increase the size of your bet after every win and go back to the table minimum when you lose a hand. You’ll have more losing than winning rounds, that’s why you need follow a sensible betting progression.

Here’s what I suggest: Make four consecutive bets at a betting level you’re comfortable with, (usually the table minimum). If you don’t win at least two of the four hands, try again a little later.

Wait until you’re ahead by two units, then use this progression: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10. If your betting unit is $5, the progression would be: $5, $5, $10, $15, $25, $35, $50. Every run of good luck will come to an end. When it does, go back to your original level. Anytime you lose four hands in a row, take a break for a while, no matter whether you’re up or down for the session.

Good Luck!

If you’re a blackjack beginner, my booklet How To Play To Win: Blackjack is for you. Find more details on the catalog page, click here.