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Tony Frank





It was back in 1975 on my first trip to Las Vegas that I got introduced to the gambling scene.  I risked a whole $5 on a slot machine and cashed out after I lost $3.75.  That was the extent of my wagering on that initial visit - but I was fascinated...and things soon changed...

After many years of playing in casinos all over the continent and losing thousands of dollars, I "smartened up".  I now "play for playing money" and I've learned how to get the most out of the casino comp system.

In my search for that winning formula, and after reading armloads of books, I developed my own common-sense approach to playing and winning casino games. 

My systems and strategies work for me - I honestly believe they will work for you too!

                   Tony R Frank


Listen n' learn how to win at slots!  Becoming a slot pro was never easier!   Guaranteed to make the average slot player a lot more proficient.  This half-hour cassette tells you how you can drastically increase your odds of hitting that jackpot.  At home, or in the car on your way to the casino, listen to this cassette.   If you just play the right machines, you'll greatly improve your chances.

ORDER - Slots Cassette Tape - $45.00

BLACKJACK: How To Play To Win 
A beginner's guide to the most popular casino table game. All the rules and a simplified, six-point basic strategy. Learn all you really need to know in less than half an hour. You don't have to be a mathematician and you don't need a photographic memory to hold your own at the blackjack table.

ORDER - Blackjack - How To Play To Win - $25

Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun
Complimentary (FREE) hotel rooms, meals, gifts and invitations to parties and tournaments are easier to come by than you might think!  Play video poker for comps, profit and fun! Learn how you can exploit the casino slot club system.  Your future gambling holidays can be virtually FREE!

ORDER - Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun - $60.00 by postal mail / $55 by e-mail

Risk Less, Play Smarter Video Poker
The methods in this booklet may be contrary to what the "experts" recommend, but if you want to play for many hours, even days, and make sure your money will last, this is the system for you I start every session plaing this method and it has served me well.

ORDER - Risk Less, Play Smarter Video Poker - $55.00 

ROULETTE : How To Play To Win
A quick and easy introduction to roulette. Roulette is the least intimidating and probably the easiest table game to play. Correctly guess on which number the little ball will land and you'll get paid 35 to 1!  This booklet shows techniques that give you a better shot at leaving the table a winner. 

ORDER - Roulette: How To Play To Win - $25.00 

Secrets Of Playing Winning Keno
This guide shows you how to have a real chance at making a profit...with the right kind of "way" ticket.  You can beat yourself by betting on too few or too many numbers.  Just one example:  most casinos pay the same for 6 out of 6 as for 7 out of 8.  You'll learn which is the better bet and why.  An invaluable guide for both first-time and veteran keno players.

ORDER - Secrets of Playing Winning Keno - $65.00 

CRAPS: How To Play To Win
If you've been curious about all the hullabaloo around the craps table, this booklet tells you how easy it is to join in the fun!  Carps: How To Play To Win tells you what you need to know before you go near a table.  Follow the simple, straight-forward guidelines and you'll be amazed how fast and easy it is to grasp the basics of craps.

ORDER - Craps: How To Play To Win - $25.00 

Las Vegas On The Cheap - How To Have An Almost FREE VACATION In Las Vegas
The thrifty way to finance your Las Vegas Vacation begins with free coupon booklets.  Collect "fun books" from several casinos and you'll be able to eat and drink for less than $10 a day.  Coupon booklets also include gambling vouchers which are practically guaranteed to make you a winner, because when you bet with coupons the odds are decidedly in your favor.  How To Have An Almost Free Vegas Vacation tells you exactly how to get these coupon books and how to use them most effectively.

ORDER - Las Vegas On The Cheap - Special Price Only $30 

GAMBLER'S LOG ( The Pocket-Sized, only 3" x 5")
Keep an accurate record of your gambling activities, right on the spot.  This Gambler's Log easily fits into any pocket or purse.  Lets you record all forms of wagering:  Casino, bingo, lottery, racing, whatever.  You can log over 150 separate gambling activities with daily and running totals.

ORDER - Gambler's Log - $20.00