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Secrets of Playing and Winning Keno

"A Better Way To Play KENO"

Veteran Las Vegas keno managers admit that three-spot tickets are the least profitable for the casino, because three numbers are relatively easy to hit. A three-spot ticket pays $42 for one in most casinos and you also get your money back if you catch two out of your three picks.

Choose your three lucky numbers and play 21 games at $3 each. In most casinos, a $3 three-spot bet pays $126 if all three numbers hit. If all three of your numbers come in only once in 21 games, you’ve made a profit of at least $63. In other words you’ve doubled your money!

Generally, the way casino brochures show you how to play Keno is better for them, not for you! The Let’s Talk Winning booklet "Secrets Of Playing Winning Keno" shows you how to have a real chance at making a profit...with the right kind of "way" ticket. 

You can beat yourself by betting on too few or too many numbers.  Just one example:  most casinos pay the same for 6 out of 6 as for 7 out of 8.  You'll learn which is the better bet and why.  Learn how to write Keno tickets that make money for you, not for the casino.

"Secrets of Playing Winning Keno" is an invaluable guide for both, first-time and veteran Keno players. $65 sent by first-class mail. To order click here.  Thank you!


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