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"A flat bet system generating multiple units"

FBDT - Flat Bet Double Trigger
Baccarat System

by Izak Matatya

"profits from four different angles"

I'd like to announce my newest Baccarat system today, that is totally flat bet and generates hundreds of units without ever having to raise your bets.

It's FBDT - Flat Bet Double Trigger Baccarat System.

It's designed for no commission Baccarat, but because of its flat bet nature and advantage would work on commissions as well.

It uses four different bet selections to be used either separately or simultaneously and aims to gather units from each one of them.

Each bet selection has a flat bet advantage.  So one can use either one or a combination of either two, three or all four them at the same time.

Using the four bet selections simultaneously does not increase your bet size from 1 unit to 4 units at a time.  The maximum bet you would be placing stays at 2 units at all times.

Bets are placed on either Player or Banker decisions either additively or in a differential mode.

Using all four bet selections at the same time also makes the system extremely dynamic, rather than waiting for individual triggers for each one of them.  The largest no bet area would never exceed four decisions. 

Profits definitely depend on start betting when the right trigger is encountered.  And as the name of the system implies, there are two triggers to start betting, which are totally optimized to maximize overall profits.

Using smart triggers is an excellent way to reduce losses, simply because of the fact that by the time the trigger is met, one avoids any potential losses.  This, in itself, puts us towards a great advantage.

The system generates 448 units over 1000 Zumma shoes.

At $10 a bet, this gives you $4,480.

Betting with flat bets and just 1 unit at a time, one can use higher chip denominations such as $100 and more, and this will generate a profit of at least $44,800 with a drawdown of not more than 42 units overall.

Here's FBDT's performance chart:

Reaching a new maximum every time guarantees long term winnings.

Based on the above graph, we can see that we will require a lifetime bankroll of 150 units tops, the highest fluctuation being from 500 units to 350 units.

The 16 page document is very easy to read and contains lots of examples so that you can understand how the system and its variations work.

You also receive the entire 1000 Zumma shoe simulation in MS-Excel.

The system is $9,000 and is worth every penny and you will make 5 times as much in a very short time.

If you find the system too expensive, I have great news for you.

I'm initiating the long waited holiday specials starting now. 

For any system you purchase at:  https://shop.letstalkwinning.com/, including today's FBDT system, you will have a humongous 98% discount up until January 7, 2024.  Will feel like a total liquidation of inventory at a give-away price. 

An $800 system will be only $16.

A $5000 system will be only $100.

The discount code to enter at the checkout panel is: LTW98OFF

Great systems have been designed in the last 2 years, some of them totally infallible. 

Just a few to name:

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HBDW - High Bet Double Win for all Even Bets,
Exponent Roulette System,
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FBND - Flat Bet No Drawdown Baccarat System,
IDDSD - Infallible Double Dozen Single Dozen Roulette System,
TSBS - Three Strong Bet Selections System for All Even Bets,
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CBS - Conservative Baccarat System,
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SPR - Simple Progression Roulette System,
ISDRS - Infallible Single Dozen Roulette System,
CSBS - Combined Special Bet Selections Baccarat System,
IHG Predictor Software,
RN3B$ - Repeating Numbers Version 3 with a Bonus Roulette System,
RN4 - Repeating Numbers Version 4 Roulette System,
and today's new FBDT - Flat Bet Double Trigger Baccarat System, which is bundled in the year-end specials at 98% discount!

Click here for purchasing FBDT at 98% discount.   It will be at $180 instead of $9,000 !!

Please note that the 97% discount that was for the great RN4 system till the end of October can be now purchased at 98% saving another $120!

All purchasers and testers found that RN4 never fails over 15,000 randomly generated spins!

The above systems are linked to the new purchase site.  All you need to do is to click on the above links, add them to the shopping cart and check out, where you can enter the discount code LTW98OFF.

At 98% discount, all sales are final and cannot be refunded.

It's a great time to take advantage of this huge discount, as starting next year 2024, after the holiday specials, the above systems will be twice up to 10 times more expensive, due to their excellent performance and the tremendously increasing cost of living. 

For every purchase, either one at a time or multiple systems in one shot, automatic download links will open for you.

Please do not forget to specify your email during your purchase, so your download link can be sent to you.

If you have any download issues, I will be here to help you.

Enjoy the systems and happy holidays all the way from Halloween up until new year 2024. 

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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