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"one of the most powerful systems
ever designed for Roulette"

DBPR - Dozen Betting
Power Roulette System

by Izak Matatya

"makes a profit of $73,920 for the entire 15,000 spins of the Zumma tester book using $10 units"

I'm proud to present you one of the most powerful roulette systems ever designed for betting on Dozens in Roulette - the DBPR - Dozen Betting Power Roulette System.

The system has been tested for the entire 15,000 spins of the Zumma tester book and it has not a single failing run.  DBPR generates exactly 7,390 units for those 15,000 spins averaging about 1 unit per 2 spins.  And this is on a double zero wheel.

The profit per run is either 1 or 2 units, depending on the betting mode. 

DBPR bets on both single and double dozens at different times depending on the circumstances and table conditions.  Single dozen betting mode produces 2 units profit per bet placing one chip on the dozen and double dozen betting produces 1 unit profit, placing 1 chip on each two dozens. 

Two different bet selections are used, depending on the one, causing most streaks.  When the trend changes, then the opposing bet selection takes over and starts producing streaks on its turn.  The two very powerful bet selections compete with each other, and race on which one will produce the most profit. 

DBPR uses a progression, that never exceeds the eighth step, requiring a total bankroll of 554 units for a lifetime and the highest bet amount ever placed is 185 units, which happens only on very rare occasions and still doesn't exceed any table limit.

The system can be played in all types of casinos, real, on-line, on-line with real dealers, etc., since there is only a very minimum amount of tracking (not more than 2 spins), for a continuous action to take place with again minimum interruption.

The complete results will be provided to you on a spreadsheet addendum, which is a full simulation of DBPR, where you can follow the system's performance on a bet by bet basis.  The spreadsheet is built in such a way, that you can switch between Zumma numbers and randomly generated numbers, by changing one parameter.  In either mode, you will see thousands of units being profited using DBPR.

You will be really amazed by how the system completes profiting runs one after an another.  You can play it indefinitely, by taking advantage of its winning streaks, that may last for 9-14 spins, winning every single bet during this streak.  The winning streak is over when only one loss is encountered.  Then the opposing bet mode takes over and starts a new winning streak right away.  Very frequently, you will have winning patterns of the nature: W W W W W W W L W W W W W W W W L W W W W W, betting either on one or two dozens at a time, based on the system specifications, with a true enjoyment of the game of roulette, which will work for your benefit.

The system is $135 and is worth every penny.  You can easily generate $1000 profit with it on a daily basis covering three times its cost in just an hour, using just $10 units. 

FBDD - Flat Bet Double Dozen  Roulette System
by Izak Matatya

The DBPR system comes with a bonus surprise.  Upon your purchase of DBPR, you receive a second system for roulette,  FBDD - the Flat Bet Double Dozen Roulette system, completely free.

FBDD is an extension of DBPR, using flat bets only and bets on two dozens simultaneously, as implied by its name.  FBDD uses some of the concepts of DBPR and provides you a flat betting method, for the ones, who don't like to use progressions or progression tables. 

FBDD also uses multiple bet selections in order to produce winning streaks one after an other and all this is done without raising the size of your bet. 

With a win target of +10 units and a loss limit of -6 units per session, you will be surprised to have more than twice many winning session than losing ones, making FBDD a very profitable system. 

Because of its flat betting, you can use high denomination of chips, particularly after you have gained sufficient confidence in the system.  Then winning nothing but 2-3 sessions a day will be extremely satisfactory. 

It is essential to have a solid understanding of DBPR, as it is a pre-requisite for FBDD.  That's also why FBDD cannot be sold separately.  The systems are not too complex.  They do need some studying (not more than 18 pages for the system explanation) and practicing.  Plenty of examples are there to make the process easier.  And you have my full post purchase support, either by email ( or by phone: (514) 487-1066.

Both systems are very profitable and you can use either one of them at various occasions. 

As always, you have a full money back guarantee on the systems, upon your full satisfaction, no questions asked, no strings attached, provided you ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Independent Review of
DBPR and FBDD systems
by Izak Matatya

The DBPR - the Dozen Betting Power Roulette system and the bonus system FBDD - the Flat Bet Double Dozen Roulette systems have been given to a third party tester, who provides you with his general report on the systems:

"The Dozen betting power roulette system [DBPR system]:
This system is most advanced system for serious players, who want to make a living or recover the lost money in casinos.

I admire Izak's hard work to get a fantastic results in Zumma 15,000 spins averaging 7500 units profit.

The system's main highlight is whenever there is a continuous winning streak, one can make a lot of profits. And when losing streaks appear, the system automatically avoids the betting, by placing bets on paper [virtual bets] including zeros. This method of betting is first of its kind, that I have experienced when compared with all other systems.

As I said earlier, this is for serious players who want to make money in roulette wheel with slow and steady basis. For me, it took a week to practice at home to be well-versed with dozen techniques, which are used in the system.

This system promotes to bet on double dozen and single dozen simultaneously to minimize the bankroll requirement. so, I highly recommend this system for all players in this forum.

Izak is also kind enough to give a bonus system, which uses flat betting for double dozens, [FBDD]. As this method uses the same principle as DBPR method, but without any progressions.

As I am a aggressive player, I could not wait for a long time for a 10 units profit for every winning session. so, I would like to recommend this FBDD for players who can spend long hours sitting in a casino, with minimum bankroll.

Once again, I thank Izak for this great system and his achievements in overcoming house edge.

with regards......tvprakash"

Frequently Asked Questions on
DBPR and FBDD systems by Izak Matatya

Q: Izak, what does one do, if the casinos do not allow the maximum bet, that the system needs to bet, at the end of its progression in DBPR?

A: Most casinos on-line and real have a range of 1-200 or $10 to $2000. If not, one can start at a table with 1-50 range, then move up to a table of 50-200 range, etc. Another possibility is to add to the dozen bet, with additional double street bets in order to complete 185 units. In any event, the 7th step, as you will see, is not more than 62 units, where 99% of all bets end, that should satisfy lower table limits.

Q: Hi Izak,

Can you please give me more information on your FBDD system? What is the hand won rate (HWR) for FBDD ? You have how many win and lose sessions for FBDD?

What is the maximum drawdown for FBDD during your testing ?

Any difference between your FBDD and FRS?

A: One wins 1 or 2 units per run, that lasts 1-8 spins maximum. You win a session when you reach +10 units or lose it when you reach -6. You should have twice as many runs as losing runs. So, in average, you would win 20-6=14 units for 3 sessions. The maximum drawdown is like a losing session of -6 units, but a winning session has a maximum drawdown of -5 units, before it reaches +10.

FBDD uses one of the bet selections of FRS, plus one more powerful one, combining the two and betting either one at different times, based on the streaks it produces.

In FBDD, if you bet 100 hands, you win 73, so HWR is 73%

Q: On the FBDD, your session win of 10 units and loss of -6 units is for how many spins? If you are betting on 2 dozen at the same time, losing the first will cause you 2 units and the second will cause you another 4 units a total of 6 units, am I right to say that?

You said that on DBPR will have the following pattern : WWWWWWLWWWWWLWWW......
Can I ask you how often this will happen ? And how often you will bet on 2 dozen at the same time?

Your 8 steps up as you lose progression causing you 554 units on a bad luck day will wipe out all your winnings; how often this will happen ? Once a month or once a week or once a ........?

A: DBPR is better than FRS, because FRS loses sometimes the 400 unit bankroll and still comes up ahead in Zumma, but DBPR never loses the 554 in Zumma 15,000 spins.

On FBDD, you are betting flat. So if you lose the first bet, you are down 2 units. If you lose the second bet, you are down another 2 units, not 4, but a total of 4. If you lose the first 3 bets, you are down 6 units, and that's the end of this session.

The WWWWWWWWWWLWWWWW pattern happens quite often in DBPR, because the first set of W's belong to one bet selection, until the first loss L and the second set of W's belongs to the second type of bet selection, which takes over, which is exactly the principle on which DBPR is based. In DBPR half the time you bet on single dozens and the other half on double dozens.

The losing of all the 8 steps of the progression will probably happen once every 10,000 spins. It depends how often and how frequently you play to determine the time this will take. Some people play 2 hours a day, which is about 100 spins and 10,000 spins will take 100 days. Some people play 10 hours a day, which is about 1000 spins and 10,000 spins will take 10 days. The question is how much you will win before the loss of 554 happens. Well, you are winning at a rate of 1 unit every 4 spins. So within 10,000 spins, you should be winning 2500 units, before you could lose 554. So you profit about 2000 units every 10,000 spins, which reduces your average rate of winning 1 unit every 4 spins to 1 unit every 5 spins, not too bad, is it?

Q. Like you said before, DBPR is using 2 methods and if the first fail then you will switch to the second. What if when you switch to the second and you lose again? Do you switch to the first again and so on and so for.....?

A. Yes, DBPR has 2 bet selections and the moment one fails (1 loss is the indicator), the other one takes over. If the other one fails right away, yes, you switch to the previous one and so on. If they keep failing, you stop after 3 losses until a paper win. This way, you avoid long losing streaks and uncertainties about which bet selection to use. Obviously, we would like to use the bet selection that gives us winning streaks and we do.

Q. As for FBDD, you say that every loss bet will cost you 2 units and a total of 3 consecutive lost will then cost you 6 units. But every time when you bet you only win 1 unit, so am I right to say you have to win in the ratio of 1:4 that is for every 4 bets that you place, you can only lose 1 bet? The session play will end when the drawdown is -6 units, right ?

A. That's correct, because when you win, you win 1 unit and when you lose on 2 dozens, you lose 2 units. 3 consecutive losses will cause the -6 losing session. However, you can have wins and losses combined, that can also bring you to -6 or to +10. In any event, the session is over when you reach either -6 or +10, the latter the better and more often.

Q. This is a set of numbers from Hamburg 01-12-2001 :


This is from Hamburg 02-12-2001:


Can you use DBPR and FBDD on these 2 sets of numbers and send me your results? Thanks.

A. Hamburg 01-12-2001 :

26,24,28,17,27,12,24,1,1,24,32,26,34,6,27,21,2,11,11,25,11,22,16,15,21 produces: 20 units in DBPR and in FBDD fluctuates between -1 and +3 but doesn't complete the session.

Hamburg 02-12-2001:

24,26,12,31,5,31,12,4,11,21,22,2,28,6,6,13,0,21,29,33,3,34,33,9,16,30 produces: 10 units in DBPR and FBDD has a -6 unit run.

Q. What will you do when there is zero during the session play ?

A. The zero makes you lose your bet, then you wait for a new bet selection to be identified.

Q. For FBDD, a total of 3 lost bets will cost you 6 units, do you place your 3 bets consecutively? How often you will lose all 3 bets? Can I have the win/loss ratio please?

A. FBDD places bets continuously. If I lose a session of -6, it doesn't bother me, much, I know my next few sessions will be +10 units. That's what the test results show in any event, and my live play for the last 5 months. It's flat betting, it's very easy on the bankroll. You can even use it with black chips and make $200-$300 in half an hour.

For every 2 winning sessions of +10 units, you may get a losing one of -6. So you make 14 units for 3 sessions, that last about 20 spins each.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

You have a full money back guarantee on the systems, upon your full satisfaction, no questions asked, no strings attached, provided you ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Use the DBPR and FBDD systems at Windows Casino

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