"The Incredible Craps System"

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(1) After purchasing and reading the documents, known to me as DC-7, "The Incredible Craps System", I will not divulge, transfer, reproduce, infringe, facsimile, sell, discuss or assign any or part of the contents of this material as outlined in said documents.

(2)  In the event I violate this agreement, it shall be considered a breach of contract and I agree to pay the author/developer of DC-7, the sum of $25,000 for each and every violation that I am guilty of and to further, I shall be responsible for all legal expenses that may occur as a result of any and all litigation that may be necessary to enforce this agreement.

(3) I also understand that copyright infringement without the written consent of the holder, is a criminal offence that includes the reproduction of the document and the audio tape and that the punishment may include both fines and imprisonment.

(4) I declare that I am not a compulsive gambler and that the strategy outlined in the DC-7 package, is to be for my own personal use or members of my immediate family and is not meant to induce or influence me or others to gamble and that the developer of said strategy is not held responsible for any losses, I, or members of my family may experience as a result of the use, misuse or abuse of said strategy.

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