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Recommended On-Line Casino

Click to visit Club Dice Casino, with their 49 new games, multi-player, progressive jackpots and much more
Club Dice Casino just released the new version of their casino. With a total of 49 games, we wanted to let you know which games they have and what they include. The table below has all the information you'll need, including: Multi-Player Games, Min. & Max. Bets, Progressive Jackpots and more. Just click on the game of your choice to see it's preview.
They accept the following payment methods as well as Bank Draft / Personal Check and Wire Transfers:
Min. BetMax. BetProgressive
# of Reels# of Lines
1BlackjackCard Games-yes$1.00$300.00---
3Caribbean PokerCard Games--$1.00$300.00yes--
5Jacks or BetterVideo Poker--$0.25$100.00--4
6Magic SlotsSlotsyes-$0.25$15.00yes31
8Jacks or BetterVideo Poker--$0.25$25.00---
9Deuces WildVideo Poker--$0.25$25.00---
10Royal FiveSlots--$0.02$2.00-55
Click HERE to play at the Club Dice Casino
11Triple DiceSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
12Safe CrackerSlotsyes-$0.25$15.00yes31
13BaccaratCard Games-yes$1.00$300.00---
14Pai Gow PokerCard Games--$1.00$300.00---
15Red Dog PokerCard Games-yes$1.00$300.00---
16Casino WarCard Games-yes$1.00$300.00---
17Sic BoDice-yes$1.00$300.00---
18Wallstreet FeverSlots--$0.25$0.75yes31
20Gold RallySlots--$5.00$15.00yes31
Click HERE to play at the Club Dice Casino
21Alchemist's LabSlotsyes-$1.00$3.00-31
22Diamond ValleySlots--$1.00$5.00yes55
23Fruit ManiaSlots--$0.25$1.25yes55
24Tomb of PharohSlots--$0.25$0.75-31
25Jungle BoogieSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
26Temple of TreasureSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
27Crazy 7Slots--$0.25$15.00-31
28Party LineSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
29Alien AlertSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
30Happy FruitsSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
Click HERE to play at the Club Dice Casino
31Garden of EdenSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
32Dinosaur SlotsSlots--$0.25$15.00-31
33Funkey MonkeySlots--$0.25$15.00-31
34Speed 'o' MeterSlots--$0.25$15.00-33
35Seas of BattleSlots--$0.25$15.00-33
36Fountain of YouthSlots--$0.25$15.00-33
37Sultan's FortuneSlots--$0.25$10.00-31
38Tres AmigosSlots--$0.25$10.00-31
398 Ball SlotsSlots--$0.25$10.00-31
40Rock N RollerSlots--$0.25$25.00-35
Click HERE to play at the Club Dice Casino
41Haunted HouseSlots--$0.25$25.00-35
42Neptune's KingdomSlots--$0.25$25.00-35
43Bermuda TriangleSlots--$0.25$25.00-35
4410's or BetterVideo Poker--$0.25$25.00---
45Aces and FacesVideo Poker--$0.25$25.00---
46Joker PokerVideo Poker--$0.25$25.00---
47Meag JacksVideo Poker--$0.25$1.25yes--
48Dueces WildVideo Poker--$0.25$100.00--4
49Aces and FacesVideo Poker--$0.25$100.00--4

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Webmasters click here

Club Dice Casino Progressive Jackpots

Magic Slots
Magic Slots
Magic Slots

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