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Unsolicited Testimonials on the IBS2 System for Even Bets
by Izak Matatya

"Hi Guys

I bought IBS2 and in the first 4 days I am up 332.5 units playing online French roulette. I treated zeros as losses when in reality they only lost half the bet. That meant that I won a little extra every so often.

Some days I played at £5 min bet and others £1 min bet (depending on the
casino) so I'm approximately £700 up while I evaluate the system for myself.

My largest bet was 64 units (on one occasion only) - so total drawdown was 128 units which was well within the 200 unit stop-loss. I had 4 occasions that required a bet of 48 and one occasion that needed a 32 unit bet.

So far I am very pleased. I am betting £1 units from now on (while I test)
- because even a 200 unit loss now would leave me £500 up. If I stick to the 200 unit session bankroll method, I have worked out that three of the casinos I frequently use could allow me to play with £25 units, and possibly up to £50 units.

It all depends on long term performance. If the system continues to perform for me, (and with the system beating the Zumma books, I suspect it will), then it is simply a matter of steadily increasing the unit size as my betting bank grows.

I have a computer programmer that I hire to test systems (when I think they deserve detailed investigation) and I may engage him to test the system using roulette over 50,000+ spins at a time.

The fact is, all negative progressions will reach a point where they are defeated. That is the nature of chaos. However, if the losses are infrequent enough, you still come out on top.

I will keep posting my results, but just to add balance to this forum I wanted to let people know of the success I have had with IBS2. Good Job Izak.

                                                                                                     Chris E. UK"

"Izak, You are a gambling genius. I have tested several more Zumma shoes and all have been winners 15 to 21 units. My biggest wager has been 30 units. I know there is more testing to do, but this is your best system yet. Keep winning!


"Congratulations Izak, you have a winner.

Pooper S".


"an enhanced version
of the most successful system IBS"

IBS2 for Even Bets
by Izak Matatya

"nearly all sessions are won"

This system is an enhancement of the very successful system called IBS – the Infallible Baccarat System that you can find at: 

IBS2 uses most of the concepts and principles of the original IBS and modifies the method in such a way, that most of the losing shoes in the original version are overcome and completed with winning runs. 

IBS2 can be used independently of IBS, as its system description will provide you with the full details you need in order to win consistently.  For people who are acquainted with the original IBS, this can be considered as an upgrade, which is a must to have.   People who don’t have IBS and are interested in all the extra features of IBS, such as the Reward strategy, split bet technique and the use of IBS with various budget levels may purchase IBS separately.   

The original IBS chose to bet on the Player side only for Baccarat.  IBS2 extends the bet selection and can be applicable to all even bets in Roulette (Red/Black, High/Low, Even/Odd), in Baccarat (Player/Banker), in Craps (Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line) and Sic-Bo (Big/Small).

The enhancement on the betting method is equally strong.  IBS required the winning of one plus one third of all the bets, whereas IBS2 requires the winning of even less than one third of all bets, where you will win at least 47% of all bets, while placing them on even money bet areas, on the long run.

The IBS2 betting method is very sophisticated and you will hardly have any losing runs.  After hundreds of sessions, I still have yet to encounter a losing one.   It's not unlikely to have some losing bets with any bet selection.  The longest losing sequence with IBS2 bet selection was 10 bets in a row and the IBS betting method's performance was not affected with that sequence at all and the run came to a winning closure very easily. 

In a typical session, you will gain 30 units for 100 decisions in average very consistently.  This can be achieved within 2 hours of play, if your favorite game is Roulette.  Baccarat  decisions are faster.  If you apply IBS2 to Sic-Bo, you will find it even faster than Baccarat, almost 5 times the speed of Roulette.   Average profit rate in Baccarat is 24 units per shoe.

Playing with $10 units, you should easily gain 20 units per hour in average profiting $200 an hour.  With 5 hours of play a day, one should be able to gain $1000 a day with no difficulty. 

You may want to limit your session bankroll not to exceed 200 units.  Should a losing session ever occur (I'm still waiting for it), this could eliminate only 2 days of profit.  Otherwise, you will be winning almost every single day of your play.  I can hardly give you any win/loss ratio for the number of days won versus number of days lost, as a losing day has not yet occurred.  I have been playing IBS2 both on-line and on brick-and-mortar casinos for the last 3 months now and I haven't had a losing session yet.  It's very encouraging.  I'm so way ahead that a losing session will not affect my profits at all when (or if ever) it will happen. 

I have been playing on-line at VegasRed at: with Euro currency, which enhances my winnings even more by 1.6 because of the exchange rate.  I cashed out my initial deposit long time ago and now cashing out only profits. 

There is now a new release of system: IBS2.1.  IBS2.1 enhances IBS2 even more with a much more solid bet selection.  Moreover, IBS2.1 optimizes the system for the usage of a lower size bankroll.  In fact, it has been optimized to use a session bankroll of not more than 64 units.  With this session bankroll, IBS2.1 beats the entire 600 shoes Zumma tester book and comes up with +1104 units at the end of 41,007 decisions.  A lifetime bankroll of 469 units are needed to accommodate for all losing sessions.  And your highest bet never exceeds 32 units, which are suitable for all table ranges. 

IBS2.1 is $550 and you will find it to be a very powerful system, probably the most powerful system you had ever played.  If you require a printout to be mailed to you instead of email, there is a $5 extra charge. 

You have my money back guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with the system's performance.  You can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

The system description is not more than 20 pages and has all you need to start winning.  It's 20 pages of pure description with sufficient examples.  Should you need any assistance to fully understand the system, you have my on-going support, as I answer my emails (to promptly.  3-4 hours should be sufficient to learn the system and a couple of days of practice before you use it.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions on
IBS2 - for Even Bets
by Izak Matatya

Q: Can we talk about this new system from Izak?

Could Izak give us some examples of this system in action (without giving away the system)? Some test runs with results? Losing and winning runs?

Is there a simulator that Izak can send us to see how the system performs over a random set of decisions?

A: Sure,

IBS2, like IBS, has a lot of winning runs. IBS had some 383 consecutive won shoes in Zumma. IBS2 has an even more enhanced performance.

First of all, you should know that IBS2 wins also all the shoes that IBS has won and more.

The original IBS had trouble with about 7 Zumma shoes. With the modification, I checked how those shoes did with IBS2. 6 of them were overcome, only 1 needed more than 200 units session bankroll to overcome it as well.

IBS2 has no fully automated simulator, as IBS did. The IBS simulator can be used for IBS2 up to a certain extent. The modified portion has to be checked manually. IBS2 at this stage is too complex to run it in a simple program.

Q: Hi Izak, just some questions about the system.

Does IBS2 involve betting both on player and banker? if it does, what do you do about the banker vig.?  Also what kind of bankroll is required and what table limit can it be played at?
During your testing, what was the biggest drawdown you encountered and the bankroll that it required?  Thank you

A: Very good question,

IBS2 involves definitely the betting on both Banker and Player. The Banker win commissions are handled most efficiently. You don't even lose the 5% commission. When you place your bets on Banker you simply add the commission in such a way, so your win becomes a whole unit and not 95% of it.

Let's say you want to win $120 on a bet. If the bet requires a Player bet, you bet $120. If the bet requires a Banker bet, you bet $126 (120/.95). This way, if you win your bet, you get a return of $120 instead of 95% of $120, or $114. If you lose your bet, you simply register the lost amount of $126. This way, when you complete your IBS2 run, you are ahead by one whole unit of the amount you have selected to play with.

This is all explained in detail in the system document.

You do a similar thing, when you apply IBS2 to sports betting. If the odds are -110, for instance, you multiply your bet by 1.1, so your win results in 1 unit.

During the testing, the largest drawdown I had was 200 units, as this was the limit I have set to the session up front, so I could not exceed it by the rules. The bankroll required for the toughest session was 432 units.

Q: Izak,

Can you tell us something about IBS 2's bet selection method and does this bet selection method beat the Zumma books(600 & 1000 shoes) by flat betting?

Best regards,

A: The bet selection wins 47% of all bets betting flat only in all tested shoes and tester books. So, it's not sufficient to bet flat to be ahead. That's where IBS2 betting method comes in handy, where winning less than 26% of all bets is sufficient to end up with winning runs. The two become a very solid combination. Moreover, since we are playing on both sides (not simultaneously) of even bets, a long Banker streak, for instance, does not reduce the system's performance, as was the case in IBS. On the contrary, it enhances it.

Q: Hi Izak,

What is the highest bet required in playing IBS2 or the highest bet you have made playing the system thus far?

A: One can chose to limit the session bankroll to 200 units, where the highest bet should not exceed about 64 units, or one can put in more bankroll up to 432 units, where the highest bet does not exceed 100 units. I have tried both options with success in either mode.

Q: Is the system simple enough to play without pen & paper, as when playing craps?

A: The system is not simple enough to keep all required bet amounts in memory. You should keep track of your bets on paper in order not to make mistakes for either game.

Q: What is the most consecutive decisions losses in testing/playing within one session ( assuming a session ends with one win)?

A:10 consecutive losses were the most I have encountered.

Q: If you lose 14 consecutive decisions, how many wins required to ultimately win one unit profit?

A: If you lose 14 consecutive decisions, you need 3 wins to ultimately win your run.

Q: Most mathematicians insist that a system must win with flat bets, or it will fail at some point and no progression will overcome the negative expectation. Therefore, a system that wins only 47% flat betting is not a long term winner. Do you agree? Also, how many decisions were used to calculate the 47% win rate for the bet selection?

Thanks, Izak.

A: I don't agree. Most flat bet systems do not work long term, because each bet is exposed to the same casino edge. Therefore, a solid betting method, which can boost up the 47% wins to numerous winning sessions helps a lot.   The bet selection can be automated and millions of spins/decisions have been tested to calculate the 47% average.

Q: Izak,

Is it correct to say that your opinion is that the game of baccarat can not be beaten by flat betting? You know as well as I that there have been claims made that it can. What is your response to these claims?

A: Baccarat can be beaten with flat bets. I have two systems that have beaten the Zumma book with flat bets only: Magic Five and SFBBS.

Q: As to IBS 2, is the progression a combination of a positive and a negative or is it solely a negative?

A: The IBS2 progression is at times steady (not increasing any bets) and at times negative (up as you lose) type.

Q: With a session bankroll of 200 units and the highest bet being 64 units, what is the most consecutive losses that this MM can sustain?

A: With 200 unit bankroll the MM can sustain lots of consecutive losses. You could have for instance 100 losses in row followed by a few wins and the run will close with a win without exceeding your session bankroll. It is important to note, though, when those losses occur. If they occur up front, the moment you start to play, then they are recovered very easily. If they occur in the middle, they are recovered less easily. If they occur towards the end of the run, it may take a big chunk of the session bankroll to recover.

Q: Hi Izak,

Of all the sessions you have tested/played, how many needed more than 200 units to recover? Was 432 units the most units you ever needed to recover?

A: From the ones I have played, I didn't get to use the entire 432 unit bankroll. From the thousands of tests performed, about 1 percent required the 200 units to recover and end the run.

Q: Is the bet selection a modification of something that most gamblers would recognize or is it something that we have not seen before?

A: The bet selection is something gamblers can recognize. All streaks, chops and 2 chops are winners.

Q: Do you have any numbers for us such as wins and losses in units tested against the Zumma books?  Thanks.  Best regards.

A: For the 72 Days of Baccarat Zumma tester, IBS2 overcomes all shoes. Only 1 shoe needs more than 200 unit bankroll. It's best even to abandon it instead of chasing losses. It makes over 5800 units for 600 shoes.

Q: 5800 units for 600 shoes? so basically you are giving us the bank to all of the casinos we play in.....seems too good to be true!

A: When I made my claim about IBS winning over 3600 units, I was also told that it was too good to be true. However, I proved that by displaying the results for the entire 600 shoes (link:

Q: Again, like previous systems, we are really in need of an independent testing perspective.

Maybe Izak could pass the system to a board member who could test it and publish the results here?

A: I already did . I sent the system to Oen to test it independently and provide you his views, report, and test results.

Q: Izak,

"The bet selection is something gamblers can recognize. All streaks, chops and 2 chops are winners."  Does it win all the bets in the following patterns?


A: PPPPPP creates 4 wins out of 4 bets (immediate 4 units)

PBPBPB creates 4 wins out of 4 bets (immediate 4 units)

PPBBPP creates 2 wins out of 4 bets (1 unit for the short run)

PPBPPB creates 1 win out of 4 bets (the run to continue in order to close later with 1 unit profit)

Q: Izak,
How do you handle PBBPPPBPPBBB?  Thanks.

A: PBBPPPBPPBBB has one win in between and the run continues to next few decisions until it is resolved.

Q: So does IBS or IBS2 work at online casinos?

A: IBS and IBS2 are independent from either brick-and-mortar or on-line play. They work equally well in all environments. I had lots of success on-line as well. Sometimes, in even bets, a random number generator makes sure you win only 45-47% of all your bets, where it's enough to win 26% in IBS and even less in IBS2.

Q: Izak, what kind of run makes this system have consecutive losses. In other words you said one shoe need over 400 units. What pattern did that. I will be honest though. If you finished the Zumma book with 5800 units you did beat a negative expectation game. But what is going to happen when we buy this system and try to play it. Yep, you guessed it we will get kicked out of the casino and they might even change the game like blackjack when card counting became popular. The casino will just not let you win no matter what.

A: A 3-3 chop causes consecutive losses (BBB PPP BBB PPP, etc.). Fortunately, they don't last more than 10-12 consecutive bets and IBS2 still overcomes those runs with those consecutive losses. You can also chose to skip them if you see them starting, until the 3-3's break, then you'll start winning again. There is no other pattern, that can make IBS2's bet selection lose.

When you have a winning system, let the problem be the casino. There are ways to lower your exposure. Don't play too long at one table. Take a lot of breaks. Navigate a lot. Don't show off your winnings. Show a happy face, pretending you're winning because you're lucky. Take some free drinks, but don't drink them. Keep them on the table. Don't go to the same casino every day. Don't play in front of the same croupier a lot. Wear something different everyday. Be casual one day, be formal another. Don't show your strategy to other players. If someone asks you if you have a system, tell them, yes, a good guessing method or be surprised: "a system??? what's that? or "do you actually believe in systems????", etc., etc.

If you play the game right, you will win.

An Independent Review of
IBS - for Even Bets

Hi Friends,

First of all I want to say that I have used IBS sparingly and I am quite successful with IBS. I usually play Sic Bo and Roulette with IBS with 1 USD per unit. You can combine it with different bet selections at your choice. I have used IBS successfully since I bought in year 2004 and it was the second system I have ever bought so far. I purchased IBS at that time with 100 USD during the promotion time.

When you are gambling long enough years for years, you will gain experiences on how to handle situation where your bets become larger and larger and here the human element plays an important roll. There is no system with that you will play 100% mechanically will win consistently and it will at some point of time will fail to recover the losses due the table limits and the limited resource, your bankroll.

Wait for the opportunity to bet and to place the bets while you're in losing streaks and how many units to place is the constraint I work on, which I have learned so much from many well known posters. Although you apply the waiting opportunity correctly, it will sometimes happen that the bets will be even larger that you might expect.

I upgraded the IBS to IBS2 for 125 USD. After reading I find out that IBS2 gives me another perspective for the improvement. The improvement is the recovery of back to back losing. This is the power of IBS2. This improves the weakness of my waiting opportunity strategy at the same time.  By combining this recovery strategy and my waiting opportunity strategy, I strongly believe that I will be able to win consistently, although IBS2 with its recovery strategy alone would be able to beat the table.

The IBS2 comes with the best bet selection of author’s choice. My personal opinion you can use any bet selection at your choice which suit to your style. I prefer (it is my style) to use predetermined alternate selection of even money bet such as RBRBRBR…., PBPBPB…. or HLHLHL…. and Follow The Last (FTL) bet selection.

So I gave it a trial on Sic Bo table with 1 USD per unit. Here is my play and record of loss and win sequences on Sic Bo table. The outcomes looks similar to Roulette even chance. Triple in Sic Bo such as 1-1-1 or 2-2-2 acts as ZERO in Roulette. I will use B and R to represent HIGH and LOW in Sic Bo respectively. T is for Triple. My selection is FTL. The result is plus 47 units. Highest drawdown is minus 32. I am happy with IBS and IBS2.

Rolls -Decisions-FTL-W/L (after T, bet R)
1 R
2 B R L
3 B B W
4 B B W
5 B B W
6 B B W
7 B B W
8 B B W
9 R B L
10 R R W
11 R R W
12 B R L
13 R B L
14 R R W
15 B R L
16 R B L
17 R R W
18 B R L
19 B B W
20 B B W
21 R B L
22 R R W
23 R R W
24 B R L
25 R B L
26 B R L
27 B B W
28 R B L
29 R R W
30 R R W
31 R R W
32 R R W
33 B R L
34 R B L
35 B R L
36 T B L
37 B R L
38 B B W
39 B B W
40 R B L
41 B R L
42 B B W
43 B B W
44 B B W
45 R B L
46 R R W
47 B R L
48 B B W
49 B B W
50 B B W
51 R B L
52 R R W
53 R R W
54 B R L
55 R B L
56 R R W
57 B R L
58 B B W
59 B B W
60 B B W
61 R B L
62 B R L
63 R B L
64 B R L
65 R B L
66 R R W
67 B R L
68 B B W
69 B B W
70 R B L
71 R R W
72 R R W
73 R R W
74 R R W
75 B R L
76 R B L
77 R R W
78 R R W
79 B R L
80 R B L
81 B R L
82 R B L
83 B R L
84 T B L
85 B R L
86 R B L
87 B R L
88 R B L
89 B R L
90 B B W
91 B B W
92 B B W
93 B B W
94 R B L
95 B R L
96 R B L
97 B R L
98 B B W
99 T B L
100 B R L
101 R B L
102 R R W
103 R R W
104 R R W
105 B R L
106 B B W
107 B B W
108 R B L
109 R R W
110 R R W
111 B R L
112 R B L
113 R R W
114 B R L
115 B B W
116 R B L
117 R R W
118 B R L
119 B B W
120 R B L
121 B R L
122 R B L
123 B R L
124 R B L
125 B R L
126 B B W
127 R B L
128 B R L
129 B B W
130 B B W
131 R B L
132 R R W
133 B R L
134 R B L
135 R R W
136 R R W
137 R R W
138 R R W
139 R R W
140 B R L
141 B B W
142 R B L
143 R R W
144 T R L
145 B R L
146 R B L
147 B R L
148 R B L
149 R R W
150 R R W
151 R R W
152 B R L
153 R B L

I will report back on next trial tomorrow.

Thanks and Regards,

Thank you TMF for your valuable input.

IBS2 is $550 and you will find it to be a very powerful system, probably the most powerful system you had ever played.  If you require a printout to be mailed to you instead of email, there is a $5 extra charge. 

You have my money back guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with the system's performance.  You can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

The system description is not more than 15 pages and has all you need to start winning.  It's 15 pages of pure description with sufficient examples.  Should you need any assistance to fully understand the system, you have my on-going support, as I answer my emails (to promptly.  3-4 hours should be sufficient to learn the system and a couple of days of practice before you use it.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Use IBS2 System at Windows Casino

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