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Then this is the system you need! When you are finished reading this e-book, you will have the tools you need to dramatically increase your chances of walking away from a casino a winner far more often then walking away a loser. This e-book contains all of the knowledge gained from the experts, many dozens of books, manuscripts and systems, testing and playing, theory and practice, boiled down into a very readable, understandable and complete format.

An absolute MUST for anyone who is serious about winning at the casino.

This is an e-book of gambling concepts, rules, ideas and strategies to help you be a consistent winner in the casino!

This e-book gives you many dozens of the best strategies to play the various games at the casino, but what it really focuses on are the personal strategies; money management, learning when to play and when to walk, increased knowledge of the game, and how to apply rigid discipline in the casino to allow you to win!

If you want to play and lose, lose and have fun, have fun and walk away from the casino happy that you are a couple hundred dollars lighter in the wallet, don't bother buying this e-book. If, however, you want to walk away from the casino a winner more often than a loser, to consistently leave with extra money in your pocket - not tens of thousands, but a reasonable profit for most of your visits, and lose less when you do lose, then you need this e-book!

There are no guaranteed gambling systems or secrets in here that will win you fortunes overnight, because there are no such things. This e-book will not help you if all you do is read it.  It will do you no good if you are lazy, and just want to go to the casino for a good time. You must have a burning desire to beat the casino at its own game, and to put the time into learning everything you can in this document, and then have the discipline to use this information whenever you visit a casino.

This is an e-book for the serious student, the rare person that knows that there are people that beat the system regularly, that gamble as a living and live very well, and therefore there are ways to win.

This is not a 16 page pamphlet of 14 point type stapled in the corner that you often get when you purchase over the web. This is a professionally written 145 page e-book of tight text and, where needed, illustrations, well written with a conciseness and humor that everyone can enjoy. There are basic knowledge sections and playing strategy sections on Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Slots, and a very large section on the complex world of gambling smart. Included in the back are short reviews of books, systems and websites, and even some templates for tracking Roulette and Craps decisions.

The price of the e-book is $44 for a printout and $30 for an email delivvery.

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