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One of the finest roulette systems ever created:

Awakening Numbers
Roulette System

"Undefeated for 3 continuous weeks of play"

Imagine having at your disposal a roulette system that profited nearly 8000 units playing with minimum unit value against a full month (January 1998 to be specific) in Hamburg Spielbank.  This is a system that wins 98% of all sessions tested.  Imagine having that kind of confidence when walking into the casino.  This is what The Awakening Numbers Roulette System will bring to you.

Indeed, the author of the great Hot List Roulette System, contacted me a few months ago, announcing he had an absolute winner.  Test after test, week after week, the system was still undefeated.  The author was reporting profits ranging 6000 to 7000 units per month of play.  It was amazing.  No system came near this kind of performance.

The system also works extremely well in online casinos that use the same software as The Sands of the Caribbean and Omni Casino.  Since you need to do some tracking before applying this system, those two casinos allow to spin without placing a bet.

He said:  "The reason I'm doing so much testing is that I want to be able to show people that it wins in every situation possible: for European roulette, American roulette, on-line, etc.  So, I'm testing against real European results, real American results, and online European and American results against the Sands.  I just don't want you to grow impatient with me on this.  Only after all the testing is complete will I write up everything no matter how long it takes.  The Zumma book is an additional testing media I will be using."

During the testing stages the autor reported: "Not to take anything away from your past work, but I'm convinced that this is the best roulette system ever.  It seems unbeatable right now.  However, I have no doubt that once in 200 sessions or so, there will be a sizable loser, but it will be no more than 300 units or so.  By that time, people will be up thousands of units and won't care.  I've tested against over 60 sessions against the Spielbank and it hasn't lost even one. Most decent systems lose one or two in ten sessions, leaving it barely ahead with a large losing session.  This system hasn't lost a penny.  It's ALL profit, all the time.

Why does this system work?  I believe it's as simple as reasoning that it's not likely that a number will sleep for so long.  Between tracking and betting, you're usually playing 60-80 spins.  Also, even if a number does sleep that long (300-400 spins), it doesn't matter.  The system accounts for it and still wins."

So after a few months of intensive tests, the system document is finally ready for you.

The Awakening Numbers Roulette system is a system that is used for betting on inside numbers. This is very much a long-term system – sessions can last a couple of hours. In the end, however, you will win 98% of the time. These are not small winnings either. You will consistently win over $100 per session.

The bankroll requirement is 1,500 units, but the minimum unit is $2, which means that you will need $3,000 to get started. If your bankroll allows for it, by all means play with bigger units. However, be aware that your unit value must be even ($2, $4, $6, etc.), due to the nature of a betting progression that is included as a portion of this system.

This bankroll is simply there as a safety net. Sessions can draw you down before they bring you back to the positive side, so the bankroll needs to be there.

It is conceivable that you could play 100 sessions and never see a losing session, due to the extremely high winning percentage.

The price of the system is $220 delivered to you by email and $240by regular mail, and this could easily be made up within just two sessions of play. Those of you who purchased my Hot List Roulette System know that my systems are worth investing in. This is an even bigger winner. Don’t pass it by.

The system definitely has a money back guarantee:  The system's suggested starting bankroll has to be defeated in its entirety by any given month of the Hamburg Spielbank.  Should that happen, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

I'm available any time for your questions.  You can contact me by email at:

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Awakening Numbers
Bonus System

by Izak Matatya

"Wins 80 sessions before ever losing one"

Having tested the Awakening Numbers Roulette system extensively in my simulators, and inspired by its concept, I came up with a variation of the system, that wins 80 consecutive sessions before it ever loses one.  Each session provides you with an average profit of 37.6 units.  The bankroll required is exactly 1970 units.  You would be winning about 2800 units before you could every lose 1970, thus profiting 830 units for 80 sessions of play, or about 10 units per one session that lasts not more than 20 spins.

If you set a profit limit of 100 units per day, you can easily quit after winning only 3 sessions, as each session will profit you more than 32 units every time.

This system is yours free upon the purchase of the Awakening Numbers Roulette system.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Should you have any inquiries, you may do so any time by contacting me at:

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions on the Awakening Numbers
Roulette System


Question: I play mostly in Reno and Lake Tahoe and there are only 00 wheels. What are the difference in the results compared to the 0 wheel?  How many numbers do you play at one time?  What is the usual draw down?

Answer: There is very rarely a drawdown, but expect close to 500 units when a bad streak happens (1 in 100 sessions). The difference in results between the 0 and 00 wheels is negligible. I play on 00 wheels myself in Detroit and Windsor.

Question: Could you inform me what you mean by inside numbers and what is the min & max units you would have to bet at one time?

Answer: Inside numbers betting means that you will be betting on the numbers themselves, and not even/odd, red/black, high/low, dozens or columns. The minimum unit value is $2. The minimum you could have on the table at one time is $10, though you always start with $20. The maximum you could have on the table could be over $100, but this will rarely happen.

Question: What is the max draw down you have had?

Answer: Drawdowns occur approximately 1 in 100 sessions and are typically 500-700 units. Thus, the large bankroll suggestion.

Question: Do you play it live?

Answer: I play it personally in both live and online play. The reason it is recommended for online play is that random number generators behave differently than ordinary roulette wheels and this favors this system even more greatly.

Question: What is largest bet you have to make?

Answer: The largest bet you have to make varies greatly. You could easily put $80 (using $2 units) down on one spin if the session happens to be one of those in a hundred.

Question: Is their charting involved, as LV casinos are watching if you stand back and then sit down?

Answer: I'm not sure how Las Vegas casinos feel about charting the wheel before you sit down, because I've never played roulette in Vegas myself. I live in Ohio, so I typically play in Detroit or Windsor, both of which are very friendly to charting the wheel whenever you wish. You are not necessarily charting the wheel, as this system does not deal with physics - only mathematics. You do need to track the wheel for a period of time before sitting down.

Question: Do you bet every spin once you start?

Answer: Once you start betting, you bet every spin until the session ends.

Question: Which is better, Hot List or Awakening?

Answer: Awakening Numbers is better than Hot List. This isn't to downgrade Hot List at all, because it does perform extremely well, but Awakening is the most vastly superior roulette system that is purely based on mathematics that I have ever heard of. I'm that confident in it.

Question: You say your method works 98% of the time and could go 200 sessions before even losing one. I am curious as to how much the average amount of units won per session typically is?

Answer: This system will typically win 10-100 units, though it could be as little as one unit or as many as 150. The exact average would take awhile to compile, as I have a lot of statistics. It's safe to say however, that the average would be over 50 units ($100 minimum) per session.

Question: If I play with a total bankroll of $5000, how much of that do I need to bring to the table with me to play with as a buy in?

Answer: With a $5,000 bankroll, using $2 units, buy in for $1,500.

Question: With that same $5000 bankroll, how much could I win playing 3 x a week for a few hours per day?

Answer: It's not likely that you'll be able to complete one session within just a few hours. Expect to put in close to 4 hours for one session, but also expect it to be worth your while in the end. One session a day would pad any income quite nicely.

Question: Do you offer any money back guarantee?

Answer: Yes, of course.  You can return the system within 30 days of your purchase, should the system's suggested starting bankroll is defeated by any given month of the Hamburg Spielbank.

I'm available any time if you have any further questions.  You can contact me by email at:

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Play Awakening Numbers Roulette system at Omni Casino

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Their award winning software and its underlying gaming algorithms have been thoroughly tested. Random generators used in our proprietary software have been shown to conform to those of reputable land based casinos.

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